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From the North:
Take I-95 S toward Petersburg, merging onto I-85 S via EXIT 51 toward US-460 W / Durham / Atlanta.  
Take the VA-712 (Old Stage Road) exit- EXIT 39- west toward Rawlinngs. Turn RIGHT onto VA-712 (Old Stage Road) at the top of the ramp. 
Turn LEFT onto US-1 S. ~1.0 mile. Turn RIGHT onto Rawlings Road ~1.4 miles later 
Look for the signs.  Lake Phoenix Located at 1 Quarry Ln, Rawlings, VA 23876, US. 
Training Facility:
One facility we use is Lake Phoenix.  While other places are sometimes available this wonderful environment enhances learning by diving in an environment that is both safe and full of aquatic life.  Additionally Lake Phoenix provides for whole family with camping, swimming where the water temperature reaches 80f, kayaking and other adventures.

We also use area pools and travel for training and pleasure diving.  

Contact us at (434) 955-0304 for more information
If we are not in your area check out our Links page for a SCUBA Instructor near you or contact us and we will help you find one in your area.
To North Carolina
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To Richmond
Training Facility:
On cooler days or to concentrate on skills without the fish pestering you we use the Hopewell Community Center Pool and classroom.  Come join our winter and spring events here!
They are located at 100 W City Point Rd, Hopewell Va 23860

Their Phone:(804) 541-2353 

Contact us at (434) 955-0304 for more information
Our Business Address and Training Center is:

174 County Pond Road, Freeman, Va. 23856

Contact us at (434) 955-0304 for more information
Our Classroom 
Fitting BCDs in the shop 
Hopewell Community Center Pool 
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