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Our April Discover Scuba with two returning individuals this time under the watchful eye of a Divemaster.  A bit different and deeper, a few more things to remember than the try scuba.  What a wonderful way to get to see what scuba diving is all about before you jump in . . . so to speak.
March Try Scuba with a great group of scouts, parents and others joining us.  Thanks to Mark, Mo, Sandy and Karen for their help without which these events could not happen.
I am sure we will be seeing some of these (fish) underwater again soon.  They were great just see the other photos!
Getting buoyancy downmask cleared, Great job!Mark giving some safety instructional skills
Up or OK . . .  OK its just COOL!
This section is a reflection of some of the SCUBA CAMPS that we have had the privlage of being part of.   It is our hope that this trend will continue as we introduce the young and young at heart to the wonders of the aquatic world. 
I would like to know where these great people are in a few years as surely some will find a place in some diving vocation and discover things yet undiscovered in our fragile aquatic eco system.  
More than just scuba diving, enjoying the aquatic wonderland can be just a day on the water with your kayak, sitting and watching God's ever changing nature and the wonders therein.
This group here did mainly snorkling begining with a basic snorkle class and a few discover scuba diving as well.
Is your SCUBA gear sitting in a disheveled heap on the cold garage floor while you wait out the winter?    For shame! Go get your precious gear right now, and then watch this video.

Be sure to pay attention while we address proper storage procedures. They're important to keep your gear (AKA your lifeline!) in tip-top shape. Thank you Dive Training Magazine

If you need to have that gear checked we here for you and can perform hot wash inside and out of your BCD that includes inspecting and servicing of all valves and inflator device o-rings as needed, regulator cleaning and testing, scuba cylinder visual inspections, scuba cylinder valve rebuilds, and air fills.  Give us a call today!
There's pumpkin carving and then there is Underwater Pumpkin Carving.  Here are a few photos of some great work that I have had the pleasure of seeing.  The costumes make the experience complete!

Virtually visit our shop and classroom to see what we are all about.

This may give you an idea of the great focus on training, safety, and fun we have. 

While we are not diving here its all about helping you be


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